A puzzle-platformer where you switched your colour to change what blocks you can walk on. What was a wall can become a clear path or you can invert to land on what was empty space to work your way through the level.

Released on PC in 2013 with several updates over the years with new levels and improvements.

It is now available to download for free.

A mobile version was released for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Sadly it is no longer on any store.

Invertical Touch playlist


X-Orbtek II

The premise is simple. Chase after the orbs before they all disappear. However it isn’t that simple – you’ll need to engage in combat.

Originally released on Xbox 360, it is now only available on PC.

Can be played single player or with up to 4 people.

More games to try out

Adventures in Text

Originally released on Xbox 360, it is also available on PC.

Get together with friends and bicker between you on what choices to make!

Captain Getsu Survivor

A dinky little twin stick shooter on PC that was pretty good fun!

HexStackIt – My first game!

Dodge between lanes to collect the hexagons. The gotcha is that your combo is bound by colour. Do you keep going or bank your points?

Money May Care

Can you make money from people’s suffering? Invest in pharmaceutical industry in handling viruses.

Intended as a pass and play mobile game, it can still be played on PC.

Paint It Jack

Bring a bit of colour to the world in this PC game.

The Really Annoying Game

I am really fond of this puzzle game. There’s 4 characters with abilities that you need to use to make it through the level. It is quite obnoxious at times as well.

Trick or Treat

A Halloween themed version of Invertical but with different level design and objectives. This panned out pretty well!


Dodge obstacles to chase after the orbs in this simple but fun game. Was my first Android game but now only available on PC.

Other games

  • Avatar Runner
  • Aye or Naw?
  • Bodmaster
  • Captain Getsu
  • Dan McSpikerton
  • Elephants Vs Monsters
  • Extreme Koala Super Rescue In Space
  • Frown Upside Down
  • Get Mi Haem
  • HexStackIt 2D
  • I Protest
  • Invertical SavePoint
  • Mashapocolypse
  • SKSP Quest
  • Squeebles
  • Taxi Rivals
  • The Gum Ninja
  • Watch Out – Beagle’s About